Available courses

Introductory (non-graded) survey to gauge students proficiency in coding. Every new student of Code Central will take this survey to tell us about themselves. What school they go to, what subjects they enjoy, how they like to learn, and (most importantly) what they hope to learn while coming here.

For younger students who may not have a lot of experience coding, this introductory course utilizes highly visual programs to allow students to learn the fundamentals of coding to better prepare them for the more advance coding that comes later, as well as also developing their typing skills to allow them to become more proficient in their communication over the computer.

For middle aged students, or students with a little coding knowledge already. This course jumps them right in to learning coding languages such as Javascript, HTML/CSS, arduino, and PHP. Students are introduced to a wide array of computer science concepts, allowing for a more well-rounded education in game development, web development, and also robotics.

For older students, or students with a good grasp of coding. This course delves into the more advanced coding concepts in computer science. Preparing students for either college or a job in the industry they will be introduced to coding in Java, C++, C#, Python, HTML/CSS/SASS, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, and SQL.

This highly extensive course will showcase how programming can be utilized in many coding fields:
Robotics using Arduinos.
Game Development in frameworks such as P5, Phaser, and Unity3D.
Web development showing how to host for public viewing.
App development utilizing the Ionic framework with a Firebase back-end.

Designed for students ready to advance from Programming Pro, or have a background in coding already. This course will introduce you to the programming language C# and it is utilized with the Unity3D gaming engine to create 2D and 3D games! Learn not only game development, but also game design as we walk you through the best ways to develop stories through the gaming medium.